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Seek out an incredible river rafting adventure in Bali. Feel your adrenaline pumping as you navigate powerful rapids and white water. Expert and knowledgeable guides will show you the ropes and help guide you down to the bottom.

Rafting in Bali is a great way to experience ‘real Bali’. This popular activity allows you to immerse yourself in nature, with different excitements awaiting you at each bend. Inflatable rafts carry you through the lush rain-forests of the central Bali highlands. Besides the thrills along the course - ranging from plunges down dams, small waterfalls and crystal-clear pools - you can see rare flora and fauna up close, too.

For a regular white water tour, head up to the Ayung River, where most of the rafting tour companies in Bali operate. If you’re up for a higher level of action and adventure, opt for the 14km course of the Telaga Waja River in East Bali, with its class II and III rapids.