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Trekking tours in Bali allow you to enjoy Bali’s rural countryside from a different perspective, and at your own pace. Favorite hikes include capturing the first rays of light from the peak of Bali’s mountains, pass through rustic local neighborhoods where you can pause anytime to see an old village temples, or witness village life and greet friendly local farmers tending to their rice fields.

There are some places where you simply just can't take a car or a bike, a volcano, for instance. Bali's ancient and rugged landscape is well represented by Mount Batur, also known as the 'Kintamani volcano'. The natural formation rises to a towering 1,717 meters, and remains one of Bali's natural wonders.

For best viewed in the early morning at sunrise, Mount Agung, Bali's highest and most revered mountain, home to the island's famous 'Mother Temple' of Besakih, is the island's ultimate trekking challenge. It is not difficult to climb, but you need a reasonable level of fitness. Start really early - a few hours before sunrise. You'll need a guide to take you up in the dark. The locals are well used to starting at 3am, so don't worry. They'll show you a trick or two about avoiding loose shale under your feet, and even demonstrate how to boil an egg on the hot rocks.