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Escape the hustle and hassle and join us to discover the magic of Bali. Feel the spirit of rural Bali as you cycle leisurely downhill along villages, alleyways and pathways unreachable by car. This tour is suitable for all ages. The tour will shows you Bali sides which many visitors never see and our experienced guides will explain this amazing culture and the relationship between the Balinese with their beautiful island.

Cycling in Bali lets you experience the beautiful countryside of the island, as well as rural Balinese village life from up close. Pedalling through rugged terrain alongside volcanic rims, zooming downhill past ancient temples and plantations while greeting local farmers and schoolkids as you pass by, all add to an immersive experience – far better than your hotel gym.

Here we’ve compiled all of the popular cycling spots around the island, covered by our great selection of exciting cycling activities available in Bali. Terrain and highlights vary: from biking at a leisurely pace through jungle villages in central Bali, to riding over undulating topography of hillside neighborhoods, all of which reward you with breathtaking vistas usually inaccessible by car. Check out where to go in Bali for your next exhilarating cruise on two wheels.